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New technologies


The DAV MX TM is a multi-cycle circulation bypass tool easy to use that offers much more than ball-activated subs. An innovative but simple design provides users with fast and reliable implementation, not only in common applications such as fluid loss cure, hole cleaning, and fluid displacement, but it is also capable of providing solutions in many more environments.

Activating and controlling the sub with a range of proprietary MXTM Smart Darts TM, users have the easiest and fastest way to access to the widest range of applications, with unique features like keeping valves open with pumps off, high-speed activation, smooth shutdown, and emergency shutdown, The DAV MXTM offers users more capacity and confidence to enlarge performance limits.


Standard Diverter Dart (SDD)

  • Keeps the valve open even with pumps off.
  • It is the dart used by default to obtain a total bypass.
  • Used in LCM positioning, BOP jetting and to remove the dry pipe.
  • Contingency method to alleviate stuck by differential pressure.

Split Flow Dart

  • It provides flow to the bit (10-15% of total flow).
  • It is used in HT & HP conditions, to improve gap cleaning, increase annular speed and when the pipe is lowered.
  • It reduces swabbing while removing the pipe.
  • It cools BHA and MWD.


  • It allows the valve to close when the pumps are turned off.
  • 100% bypass.
  • It is used in conditions where it is desired to close the valves while the pumps are turned off and also during critical safety conditions in the well.

Technical Specifications


Versatile – its wide range of darts provides users with the ability to split the flow, make a full bypass, and allow control of the well in countless applications.

Reliable – unlike conventional spheres, DAV MXTM darts do not explode when they open, therefore they can be pumped at much higher speeds.

Simple – the tool is very easy and simple to operate, without needing specialized personnel.

Performance – the use of the DAV MXTM is highly immune to variations in angle, temperature, pressure, weight, and type of the mud, which means it can be used in any environment for countless applications.



The HyPR HoleSaver is the world’s first hydraulic pipeline recovery system.

Its principle of operation lies in the continuous pumping of common drilling mud through a special dart called HyPr jetting dart which allows cutting subs in a few hours.

The tool must be run on top of the DAV MX CircSub, giving the user a reliable, economical, and effective option to get rid of pipe stuck conditions.



• Economical: eliminates the need for wireline equipment and personnel and reduces the need to mobilize third parties.

Fast: no additional personnel or equipment required, just fish or cement and start sidetracking almost immediately.

• Simple: user-operated.
• Safe: does not require the use of explosives or any other energy source.

• Ability: to run multiple tools of this type in a single string.


The High-Speed ​​Reaming Tool – HSRT is a multipurpose shoe that provides a variety of applications during the stages of casing settlement, cementing, pipe running, among other applications.

The HSRT provides the operator with ease of rotation in the shoe nose only by pumping fluid from the surface without rotating the casing or tubing.


    • The first response to hole conditions with a high probability of jamming during the casing or pipe run.
    • Short and compact design with all its internal components ready to be drilled when required.
    • Activation with fluid pumping, so it does not require rotation in the casing for its run.
    • High speed of rotation and sweep during the casing or pipe runs greater than 1500 RPM achieved with the circulation of fluid through the string.
    • Better cleaning of the hole and removal of the debris before cementation.
    • Optimize cementing operations in horizontal wells.
    • Short and compact 1m long design.
    • Different designs of noses and jets are available for more aggressive operations.
    • It can be used as an alternative jetting tool for Well-Bore, cleanup operations and stimulations.


The AmegaVIBE® Vibration Tool is a tool capable of responding to the demands of the new challenges associated with the compression and friction forces of the Drill Pipe that affect the different components of the BHA during drilling.


  • Improves weight transfer on the bit due to the reduced friction presented throughout the Bottom Hole Assembly.
  • It reduces the probability of the occurrence of stick-slip phenomena in the drill bit and buckling in the drill string.
  • It allows excellent control of the orientation of the directional motor (tool face).
  • It increases the ROP by sliding the string.
  • It is compatible with all MWD / LWD systems.
  • It reduces lateral and torsional vibrations in the drill string.
  • It does not generate impact force on the drill bit or the string components.
  • AmegaVIBE Placement Program.